Materiaux et Produits Finis

Solar Panels

In the panorama of an increasingly green industry, solar panels are the result of technologies designed to guarantee the highest performance and, therefore, maximum efficiency.

Cabinet doors

Spray coating of the shaped surface of a door or panel

Cooking Pans

The internal lining of the pans is important for an excellent cooking of food


How to coat sidings: a simple process to do a complete finishing job.

Plastic flower pots

What does painting plastic flower pots entail? Discover the best solution of this painting process

Televisions, washing machines, appliances

How to coat televisions, washing machines and other appliances

Veneered skirting boards

An articulated process for a straightforward product – veneered skirting boards

Helmets and 3D objects

Vertical reciprocating coating systems that automatically handle spherical elements or other products that cannot be easily fixed to overhead lines and where manual coating solutions are clearly inefficient.


Based on automatic spray coating equipment followed by an infrared drying oven, this solution for coating glasses or sunglasses is cost-effective and so flexible that it copes with that fast-moving trends on the fashion sector.

Thermoplastic multi-wall panels

As PVC, PC and PMMA products gain space in the construction industry, our extensive range of finishing solutions is an opportunity for manufacturers to boost the value of their products, increasing resistance to UV light and general wear and tear.

Architectural plastics elements

Wall and ceiling coverings, folding doors and other plastic elements can be decorated with an industrial printer to obtain superb finishes and one-off items.


How to select the best solution to wrap furniture drawers with PVC foil, either spraying glue and applying PVC with a membrane press or on an integrated profile wrapping line.


Assembled or non-assembled window frames, we have a solution for each type of window frame, including impregnation, vacuum coating, spraying and drying.

Aged or rustic parquet

Based around our Smartparquet solution, a closer look at the entire process used to obtain an aged, antique or rustic finish in an efficient, continuous process.


With a complete range of integrated sanding, sealing, coating and drying solutions, we can define the best processing set-up for your timber mouldings.

Exterior doors

Complete with the latest innovations and technologies, the integrated finishing line for exterior doors is almost entirely an automatic process.

Techniques de finition et de vernissage du verre

Technologies d'amélioration des surfaces spécialement conçues pour garantir une qualité de haut niveau et une productivité supérieure aux normes actuelles


Technologies d'impression numérique industrielle permettant d’obtenir une excellente durabilité et une texture de surface haute résolution pour les sols avec une finition de surface 3D réaliste.

Technologies for decorating ceramics

Definition of the process, choice of machinery and appropriate consumables for decorating ceramics

Solutions for fibre cement and cement-bonded materials

A range of integrated solutions to enhance the value and functional characteristics of products such as roof slates, suspended ceilings, insulation boards and sidings, increasing their appeal, performance and durability.

Industrial digital printing solutions for panel surfaces and edges

Looking to match your panel surface finish with the edge of the same panel? Look no further: out industrial digital printing solutions achieve the perfect match.

Musical instruments

Aspects such as shape, substrate, but also acoustic quality of a musical instrument are all evaluated by our finishing experts before developing a tailor-made solution based on customer objectives and previous experience.