Vacuum machine

Talent Sigma UV

Coating of profiles with UV-lacquer

Secteurs d'application

peinture Sidings
peinture tuyaux
Profiles and structural metalwork coating
Profilés et charpenteries
Peinture Profilés et profilés pour portes
Profilés et profilés pour portes


peinture Métal
peinture Plastique
peinture composants bois et dérivés
Composants bois et dérivés


Professional application for professional products

Less space required for more production capacity

High ease of use with consistently excellent production results

Easy handling for best results


  • Working width up to 1300mm
  • Possibility of 3 of 4 sides application
  • Overspray free
  • Easy adjustment of application rate from 10-200g / m
  • Compact design
  • Adapted to the conditions of your production line
  • Control of all relevant parameters
  • With integrated spray frame
  • Flow-optimized
  • Application rate adapted to the working process
  • High production speed for example 120m/min
  • Single application possible
  • Adjustment to different profiles with the use of matrices

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