At DV-Systems, we often talk about "the thrill of finishing". The reason for this is simple. Profile finishing is our specialty. We are passionate about it, and we hope to inspire you, your customers, to feel the same way!
By combining creative thinking with mechanical expertise and intelligent design, we develop machines that are both easy to operate and guaranteed to deliver results. Innovation is always in focus, as is commitment to quality and affordability.
Regardless of whether you are searching for a wealth of high-tech features or just a simple straightforward solution, we at DV-Systems aim to thrill you... time after time. Developed, Designed and Made in the USA. DV-Systems is the leading manufacturer of finishing equipment in the Americas. And naturally, we take great pride in this achievement. How did we make it to the top spot? By a combination of innovative ideas and a modern lean manufacturing facility.
It also helps that our experienced engineers have access to the latest technology - a state-of-the-art - laboratory where they can test and develop new processes.


6125 Harris Technology Blvd.
Charlotte, NC, 28269 United States