Cefla Finishing Suzhou: top level finishing machines with painting line, and high technical experience and consulting services for the Chinese market.
CEFLA Finishing has transferred its technological know-how and organizational methods to China: wood finishing machines are produced in Suzhou according to the same experience and methods gained by the Group in over 40 years of engagement and history.
Through CEFLA Finishing Suzhou, the Chinese market has at its disposal not only top level finishing machines, but high technical experience and consulting services, immediately available on site for those manufacturers who wish to be successful by implementing the same manufacturing processes required by European and American quality standards.
CEFLA Finishing has a presence program in China based on the real engagement to be close to the customers in all phases concerning their demands, necessities, production start and assistance. In Suzhou LAB we have a complete painting line at the disposal of clients and lacquer producers to run real tests on the industrial process to be implemented at customer site, with their specific finishing products.
Our professionals are also available to organize trainings for finishing operators, to help our customers understanding and leveraging the advantages of finishing automation.


江苏, 215011 China