supervision and control software SmartTHICK


A forerunner of cTracker, SmartTHICK is our entry-level line supervision and control software, based on an operator panel, developed, fine-tuned and consolidated over time, for the management of thickness changes on roller coating lines.

SmartTHICK is a line recipe management system which, thanks to Cefla Finishing's virtual tracking, is able to control changes in thickness between panels by autonomously handling machine height changes. The system informs sequentially, through the intelligent management of the gap between batches, and according to the height adjustment required, the machines on the line whenever there is a change in thickness (e.g. for batch changes). This information can be declared manually by the operator or optionally read automatically by a double laser measuring system that can be installed at line inlet after checking the compatibility with the part dimensions and layout.

SmartTHICK can check the recipes of the UV ovens present on the line and control "third party" machines, if suitably provided by the manufacturer.

SmartTHICK mainly deals with:

  1. Sequential management of working thickness;
  2. Recipe management;
  3. Diagnostic management detailed for each machine, even in the event of incorrect positioning.

The SmartSPEED system, which forms an integral part of SmartTHICK, also makes available a synchronised speed management option for the line machines.

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machine speed synchronized management system SmartSPEED


Speed synchronisation with SmartSPEED

The coating lines are provided with SmartSPEED, our synchronised management system for managing the speed of the machines present in single branches of a line or shared by entire lines. This entry-level automation, by facilitating the work of operators ensuring single-point speed adjustment, increases process control efficiency.

Wired control network

SmartSPEED operates autonomously, through a wired management and information exchange network at drives level where line control is carried out, even in the absence of an installed supervision system (such as Smarthick or cTracker).

Improved management of speed changes

Relying on a system like this means being able to automatically manage, from a single point, speed changes resulting, for example, from production changes. This is achieved acting from a single point on the various branches of the line, thus improving the efficiency of human work as operators no longer have to worry about entering information on each machine individually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does digitizing my factory mean?

Firstly, digitizing your factory means converting production processes by moving away from traditional systems towards highly automated, interconnected ones that also act as a rich data source. As we see it, this digitization makes sense if it allows your company to remain competitive, cut costs and maximise profits.

What data is available to me? What do I need it for?

The available data ranges from traceability data - stored by our cTracker line supervisor which saves all events, alarms and plant parameters, associating them with production batches - to detailed data on individual machines (telemetry) and the production statistics managed by our IoT product, cMaster.

Can my competitors see my data?

Absolutely not! We use commercially available, secure, certified remote assistance software. Security assessments carried out together with our specialised partners ensure top-grade data confidentiality. They also ensure the data is readily available and safely stored.

Can machine downtimes be predicted?

There are several ongoing projects concerning analysis of the data collected by our Ubiquo software tools. The goal is to anticipate any problems and provide services that are both predictive and proactive:
- to improve performance
- to prevent finishing line breakdowns and stops
- to reduce spare part and finished product stocks.

How can I know whether the coating system will cause problems after assembly?

Our unique know-how allows us to process all operational data and extrapolate from it the tasks needed to pro-actively improve the output of coating processes and ensure their stability and repeatability.  Note also that our extensive experience in the field gives our solutions exceptional efficiency.

Is there something that allows me to monitor my coating process?

Of course. At all times cTracker, our line supervisor, lets you:
- set up and check the entire line from a single point
- trace workpieces on the line
- export alarms/production reports
- exchange information with your internal company systems.

How can I know whether the production process is working properly?

Our line supervisor, cTracker, provides you with an OEE/KPI section that lets you monitor line capacity and productivity. And you're not alone! We provide customers with expert technical support both locally and globally. A far-reaching network of branches, agents and affiliates provides authorised, highly qualified technical assistance. We also provide remote assistance by providing immediate answers to on-line questions, thus ensuring real-time situation monitoring and accurate diagnostics as regards both technical aspects and the process.

How can I get an overview of the whole line from a single point?

Our cTracker line supervisor has been specifically designed to control our machines from a single point on the line. In fact, on large-scale lines with multiple machines, it would be unthinkable to manage production changeovers and modify parameters or work recipes via the control panels on each individual machine. That's why the cTracker solution manages everything via a single screen at the beginning of the line.

How can I simulate my production process?

Simulation is a valuable tool, hence the introduction of a pre-sales service called cCloner. More specifically, this line simulator can:
- show a realistic 3D configuration of the line layout: a sound, reliable picture made up of measurements, 3D imaging and objective data.
- provide accurate line operation simulation: to prevent problems, avoid machine downtimes and have more general information right from the design stage.
- simulate real productivity and consumption: finding the best configuration gives you a realistic forecast of the situation, also in terms of productivity and energy/heat consumption.

Is there an alarm system to tell me if something is wrong?

Yes. Alarms are an essential part of the machines as they provide information vital to the prevention of downtimes and the easy pinpointing of problems. Together, the individual machine control panels, cTracker line supervisor and IoT cMaster ensure you have detailed alarm lists available at all times. With cMaster you can also get automatic notifications on your mobile devices to keep you informed wherever you are.

Can I buy spare parts directly via the machine?

Yes, cMaster now features a Spare Parts section (available on enabled machines). This feature lets you put in a request directly via the virtual Web App cart, thus speeding up the spare parts management and retrieval process.

Is there a plant maintenance planning tool?

The IoT cMaster tool features a Maintenance section where you're offered maintenance services, grouped by function. The software manages scheduling and reminds you of deadlines according to actual machine running times.