If digital printing is on your wish list, we’ll help you put it on your shopping list.

Industrial digital printing solutions are increasingly popular in response to rapidly evolving market demands, especially for flooring specialists. Suited to all floor surfaces, furniture and skirting to glass, laminates or plastics, digital printing techniques enable exciting alternatives and we will be showcasing our latest digital printer at our LAB.
Standing out from the crowd is easy when you have access to some of today’s most innovative digital printing technologies. Ready for you to see and feel thanks to our J-PRINT TD printer, which will be running throughout the trade show, countless embossed surface samples produced before your eyes will persuade you to believe in the huge potential this technology offers for individualisation together with high output rates.


J-PRINT TD, performs embossing in register (EIR) and is specially conceived to produce incredibly realistic haptic effects providing tactile feedback. Performed with a resolution of 400 dpi and speeds reaching 50 m/min. the printer uses special inks, ensuring the same surface resistance as you would expect from any high-quality flooring.
Whether it’s wood, MDF or cork, you can digitally print and emboss with exceptional 3D quality. Our digital printing solutions will enable you to enter a new dimension in the world of surface finishing, the third dimension.

How many ways can you think of digital printing and texturization?

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