How many ways can you think of to perform spray coating?

Whether you’re into horizontal spray coating or vertical applications, we at Cefla Finishing have been building innovative spray coaters since the 1960’s, installing them around the world  and developing new solutions year after year to increase production efficiency, enhance the quality of the final product and enable lower operating costs.

And if we’re still here in 2018, something tells us we’re doing things right. 
At the Atlanta trade show this summer, we presented 3 of our spray coating solutions, but above all, learn of the singular benefits each one will provide.
For example, our ROCTRE machine ensures high output capacity and features 2 cleaning trolleys to enable non-stop coating even when you need to change color. If your current paint consumption appears excessive, you will be pleased to know ROCTRE, as well as another of our machines on show at IWF called MITO, features specific software allowing the operator to set a selection of parameters and keep consumption under control. This happens from the moment the panels cross the reading barrier as they enter the spraying area, by sending data to the spray guns to optimize coating performance.
Both ROCTRE and MITO are horizontal spray coaters, ideal for flat or raised panels, but you will also be able to check out iGiotto, our vertical spraying robot used for coating any kind of object, simple panels, window frames or with a complex shape such as flower vases, guitars and even cajóns.
You may be used to spraying panels vertically. We build solutions so that you can choose between vertical and horizontal. Just like baseball’s linear or rotational hitting, we let you try them both.

Do you want to try our solutions?

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