Can quality really cost 30% less?

This is a question that comes and goes, usually getting a negative response because saving money inevitably means a compromise which reduces quality. But if your business profits rely on cutting overheads, especially in the form of electricity, or if you can obtain incentives by implementing sustainable technologies, you cannot stand still, you need to make a choice. When you’ve already opted for quality, you will be using a spraying robot such as iBotic. Thinking of saving money would probably lead you to consider reverting to an oscillating spray coater or even hand-coating the pieces in a spraying booth. Neither options will conserve the finished quality of the spraying robot, so where do you look?

Introducing the PowerBack System
So far, no one building spraying robots has succeeded in developing a special hardware and software architecture to enable energy savings on a Cartesian spraying robot. Energy retrieval generated through deceleration of the spraying arms is used to help power the outlet fan. This new technology is the key feature of iBotic’s PowerBack System and saves between 15 and 30% on energy costs compared to the iBotic without PowerBack.

More info about PowerBack System?

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