Have you ever worried all day long whether you locked your car?

Something like this may happen once or twice. Park your car, walk away and when you suddenly start to doubt, you are so far away there’s nothing you can do about it. Of course, it is common to be away from the factory and have no information regarding your production line. Most of us will accept this as a matter of fact, but what if you could keep an eye on both output and production line status, any time of day, anywhere in the world? A complicated interface, costly software designed especially for your smartphone, giving you limited machine data. And whoever designed the software unfortunately has no idea how to interpret the data. And if you change smartphone? Not a great scenario.

cMaster simply changes that scenario
Ideally, you just need your smartphone or tablet, an internet connection and a web-based tool with a user-friendly interface. No specific software or hardware, just the range of functions you need to stay in touch with production wherever you are. Our cMaster monitoring solution enables you to connect to one or more plants or production lines, giving you real-time data or selected information and statistics for period-focused research and preventive maintenance.

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