Have you ever considered the advantages of tracking productivity real time and intervening immediately to enhance your output?

Another tool for the smartest of factories is cTracker, which is designed to monitor your production, collect and analyze data instantly providing the necessary information to interact, correct and adjust machinery to maintain optimum performance at all times. And if you’re wondering how to integrate this wealth of data into your own management system, we have the answer: cLink closes the gap between ERP and cTracker so that such data retain their value over time becoming a vital business asset.

cTracker is a super-reliable supervisor, specifically designed to boost your productivity and efficiency. It also allows to manage, command and set the line from a single command point, on site or by using remote controller.

With cTracker and cLink it’s possible to:

  1. speed up downtime problem solving
  2. reduce the set-up time for the entire line.
  3. reduce line management costs thanks to monitoring simplicity.


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