Here comes another edge. Downtime or more time?

Edge coating is fine when the edge never changes, but when you are processing a variety of edges, in terms of shape and size, each new edge means you need to stop the machine and re-set your application head. How many times in a day does this happen? How much downtime is generated? Is there a way to gain more time for production instead? There is. Until now, disassembling the application head was a time-consuming operation, re-aligning the components to the next edge shape or size, which could be straight, convex or concave, was even longer.

Edge&Go is so fast, your edge coating productivity will soar
The only way to avoid so much downtime between one edge profile and the next was to design and develop a device which packed as much flexibility as possible into a simple component which could either adjust automatically to the next edge to be processed or could be rapidly replaced whenever required. The result is Edge&Go which enables continuous processing of different edges. Built into Smartedge, Cefla Finishing’s complete solution for painting and sanding straight and shaped panel edges, this clever component will influence your productivity beyond all expectations, maintaining the coating quality edge after edge.

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