Automotive sector: top quality paint finishing
and enhanced productivity

Better coating quality for automotive components

Environmental issues forcing a shift toward sustainable mobility are beginning to stimulate the automotive industry. Moving away from fossil fuels and building lighter vehicles with a greater use of embellished plastic interiors is a trend which will accelerate the need for top-quality surface enhancement technologies and maximum production efficiency. All this in a market which will rely on the urgent need to replace fossil-fuelled cars and commercial vehicles in order to grow.

We have a technology which ensures better coating quality for vehicle components and increases productivity beyond all current standards.

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Paint finishing techniques in the automotive sector are on the move. Traditionally handled on vertical spray coating lines, the new benchmark in quality and productivity is coming from flatbed equipment.

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Automotive coating

Automotive. What do you have to do?

  • Car interior paint finishing
  • Car exterior paint finishing
  • Wheel and wheel  caps paint finishing
  • Brake shoes anc clutches  bonding material application 
  • Gaskets  teflon coating
  • Headlights protective coat application 
  • License plates paint  coating   
  • Leather and fabric bonding material application
  • Mechanical components paint coating

What are flatbed lines?

The bottom line for manufacturers of interior components for the automotive industry is the quality of the surface finish, especially as plastic is used as the preferred substrate for more and more components. Productivity is also a key to securing partnership with the car manufacturer, who outsources processing to tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers.

Traditionally coated on vertical spray coating lines with anthropomorphic robots, more suitable for larger parts like car bumpers or spoilers, smaller components such as dashboards, central console blocks, wing mirrors and wheel hubs can be handled on flatbed lines and the advantages are notable:

Flatbed lines: consistent quality

Lacquer sprayed onto parts in an overhead line tends to be affected by gravity, flowing towards one extremity of the component. Using a flatbed spray coater, this is no longer an issue. Furthermore, coating consistency is superior over time, especially in a better isolated environment which is easier to achieve using a line made up of flatbed coaters and UV curing and/or a vertical oven.

Before coating starts, we strongly advise uncoated parts are processed on one of our machines equipped with automatic, solvent-free and dry CO2 snow-cleaning capability to prepare the surface, which is then deionised to prevent dust accumulation.

These operations are a pre-requisite to optimum surface finishing quality.

Mito CO2

Mito CO2

Mito equipped with CO2 snow cleaning capability to prepare the surface



Its construction characteristics place Omnidry at the state of the art in both performance and reliability.

Flatbed lines: enhanced productivity

It is true that an overhead line is a general purpose solution, but our technologies combine the same flexibility with better quality and greater production efficiency.

Our high-capacity, twin-arm, Cartesian spraying robot, iBotic, capable of working simultaneously on pieces of different shape and thickness, with a non-stop steel strip conveyor, ensures superb productivity.

Fitted with our real-time monitoring software, cTracker, the integrated line tracks components requiring more than one coating process (e.g. primer, metallic paint, transparent top coat) automatically regulating coating operations and setting correct temperatures for subsequent drying. Moreover, the tool can track pieces on the line recording data to analyse productivity, so as to implement production changeovers without emptying the line. Flexibly exploiting the full conveyor width, even with different parts, which is simpler on a flatbed machine compared to a vertical spray coater, means there are no gaps in production and experience has proved that we can boost productivity by a good 20%, making ROI fast and worthwhile.

iBotic cartesian robot


iBotic is the interpolated axis Cartesian spraying robot, with one or two arms, perfect for high production capacities and unbeatable quality.

cTracker individual pieces tracking system


Our cTracker software tracks single pieces and adjusts parameters to precise requirements.

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