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Industrial Digital Printing

Digital printing integrated solutions that enable forceful mass customisation for a wide range of sectors, including wood, laminates, plastic surfaces, fibre cement, metals, packaging, graphic communications, ceramics industry, leather industry, wall coverings and glass.

Roller coating

Ideal for coating flat furniture doors and panels in any type of material. Suitable for any kind of production requirements. Thanks to their simplicity and flexibility, roller coating machines can be used for all types of application, also on the simplest of materials and using UV coatings.

Lamination and Doubling

Finishing systems designed for facing “humble” materials, in order to improve the end product yield, from an aesthetic and mechanical point of view, endowing it with greater strength.

Inert drying

A sustainable solution for efficient drying and superior crosslinking capabilities. The benefits of an oxygen-free atmosphere start with the significant reduction of expensive photoinitiators in the lacquer used. Crosslinking performance improves thereby enhancing the quality of thinner coatings.