Smartcoater Eko

Smartcoater Eko

Roller coater with integrated UV oven.

Smartcoater Eko is the latest evolution of roller coaters.

Smartcoater Eko is comprised of an application head with a lifting system that allows the machine to be kept in fixed mode for complex applications.
The electric lifting system has a fast emergency function and fast programming of working height. The pneumatic lifting system switches the head from fixed to floating, with the capacity to absorb differences on calibrated panels.
In addition, the easy opening of the doctor roller allows operators to safely clean the machine by hand, thanks also to the most frequently used components being fully visible. Lastly, Smartcoater Eko is equipped with a control board with touch screen for setting and storing all the operating parameters, including the cycles used.

From Sorbini expertise


  • Integrated UV-R oven
  • Easy opening for cleaning and maintenance
  • Maximum visibility of the most frequently used components
  • Pneumatic lifting
  • Integrated safety systems

Application Fields

Flat panels
Flat doors
Flat roof tiles
Indoor furniture
Metal sheets and panels
Suspended ceilings
Interior floor and wall coverings
Injection moulded parts
Concrete slabs
Furniture components
Mechanical parts
Interior components

Focus on

Smartcoater Eko is one of the most versatile, integrated, high-performance systems for roller coating.


  • Wood

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