SCS Adhesive application unit

SCS Adhesive application unit

Adhesive Application Unit

The SCS adhesive application unit is the innovative all-in-one adhesive application machine equipped with a melting unit, dosing pump, filter system and coater.

EasyWrap has been specifically designed for wrapping wooden and composite material profiles utilising reel mounted decorative finishing materials up to a maximum working width of 310 mm. Adhesive application is achieved with a single, easy-to-use slot coater, able to operate continuously.

EasyWrap is equipped with our exclusive, "All-In-One” SCS adhesive application unit, user-friendly, designed and manufactured by Düspohl, including a mixer, dosing pump, filter system and slot coater, all skilfully designed into one unit.


  • Melting unit for EVA, polyolefin and PUR adhesives
  • Melting tank, 20 l
  • Melting power up to 30 kg/h
  • Dosing pump with three-phase servomotor
  • Super-resistant coater with no valves or seals
  • Filter with quick changeover system
  • Independent speed dosing control

Application Fields

Wooden components
Frames for paintings/furniture
Extruded parts
Furniture components
Profiles and door profiles
Interior floor and wall coverings

Case Studies

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