Multiple roller coater for painting flat glass

Multicoater is a roller coater for applying both large quantities of paint and very thin layers, using two application rollers with different compositions.

Multicoater is a patented roller technology which allows two applications, with different decorative effects, to be made without changing the application roller, with considerable savings in maintenance costs and times.
This technology is suitable for use with high-productivity operation and also on small batches, with the maximum paint saving in all situations thanks to an airtight system without product recycling. It also has a rapid application roller cleaning system, which cuts colour change times.
All the machine's various operating functions are completely controlled by a PLC touch screen with user-friendly interface.

From Sorbini expertise


  • The best, patented roller technology for applications on glass
  • Allows different types of application with no need to change the roller
  • Perfect for large and small production batches
  • Minimal maintenance times and guaranteed product saving
  • Available in various working widths depending on the user's requirements (from 1800 mm to 2600 mm)

Application Fields

Furniture components
Architectural structures
Doors and shower stall
Interior components

Focus on

Multicoater is the roller machine designed for the glass market which allows various decorative effects to be applied with no need to change the application roller. Paint-free edges guaranteed.


  • Glass

Case Studies

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