Inert Coating Technology

Inert Coating Technology

Technology for recreating tactile effects on panels

The patented Inert Coating technology allows the recreation of tactile effects, like wood veining and pores, on the surface and edges of panels in any material.

Application Fields

Flat doors
Indoor furniture
Furniture components
Structural metal components


Wood and wood-based materials


The patented Inert Coating Technology system allows perfect surface and edge preparation of panels in any type of substrate (MDF, HDF, raw chipboard, sandwich panel, decorative and melamine and others too) with significant savings on all production parameters. The technology is designed to recreate any tactile effect, such as wood veining and pores.

From Sorbini expertise


  • Greater mechanical strength of coating film
  • Lower running costs
  • Application of 100% UV acrylic coatings in a perfectly smooth layer
  • Filling of substrate defects
  • Greater application tolerance

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