The new e-Line Compact Flooring System is ideal for custom, just-in-time or small production runs and can sand up to four sides of your profile.

The e-Line is a modular flooring system composed of individual sanding, roll-coating, wiping and UV curing units, providing maximum flexibility in line arrangement possibilities. What’s more, the e-Line accepts panels / floorboards or multiple strips up to 400 millimeters (16 inches). The roll-coating section offers great flexibility and control over coating thickness. The wiping unit brings out the best in your material and the adjustable UV lamps provide many curing options. Ideal for single-job, just-in-time, custom flooring or small production runs.

Application Fields

Flat panels
Interior floor and wall coverings


Wood and wood-based materials


The e-Line’s flexibility provides maximum efficiency in production speed and dry time. Line arrangement flexibility offers true one-of-a-kind flexibility in production output; each line can have a unique arrangement of sanding, roll-coating, wiping and UV units to allow a truly unique output at up to 400 millimeters (16 inches).

Apart from its space-efficient design and high-quality componentry, it is suitable for heavy-duty applications and has everything you need thanks to its modular concept. Machine set-up can be customized to fit your needs, job after job. Production is easily adjusted by switching on-off one or more sections to allow for the specific output you require.

The machine handles flat surfaces with widths up to 400 millimeters (16 inches) with an adjustable lamp height catering to varying sheen requirements. Additionally, it works at variable speeds, offers flexible controls and easily adapts to small productions runs and just-in-time scenarios.


  • Ideal for single-job, just-in-time, custom flooring projects or small production runs
  • Ideal for larger/wider plank production, or multiple planks up to 400 millimeters (16 inches)
  • Fast UV cure
  • No VOC emissions
  • Consistent results
  • Low coating costs
  • Small production footprint

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