Machine for curtain coating.

Smartcurtain is the range of curtain coaters equipped with edge saver device and safety guards for evenly coating panels of wood, leather, cardboard, plastic and other materials.

These machines offer excellent performance and reliability and are designed to apply any type of coating with different levels of viscosity to semi-finished panels.
All Smartcurtain machine configurations are equipped with removable coating heads with materials trolleys and tanks, three adjustable-speed conveyor belts and enclosed heavy-duty stainless steel tanks to prevent vibrations.

Smartcurtain 1E: On request, machine available with single fixed head. 45° head release. Edge saver device with open safety guard

Smartcurtain 2E: On request, machine available with twin fixed heads. Edge saver device with closed safety guard.

Smartcurtain Matic: Curtain coater suitable for coating stacks of panels, with single or double infeed belt for synchronised loading. Working speed independently adjustable for loading, coating and unloading. On request, machine available with single or twin removable or fixed heads, of different lengths to suit loading requirements.

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  • Suitable for application of any type of coating on flat surfaces
  • Recommended for high-quality finishes that require application of large amounts of coating
  • Suitable for application of polyurethane products

Application Fields

Flat panels
Flat doors
Raised doors
Flat roof tiles
Indoor furniture
Corrugated roof panels
Metal sheets and panels
Structural metal components
Suspended ceilings
Interior floor and wall coverings
Thermal-acoustic insulation in wood-cement
Flat slabs for external wall covering
Concrete slabs
Internal matchboard
Musical instruments
Furniture components

Focus on

Smartcurtain is equipped with an “edge saver” device to prevent any irregularities in the finish on edges.


  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Composite materials

Case Studies

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