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These are the drivers of our digitization projects

What are our customers really looking for today?


This is the first question we at Cefla Finishing consider. And the answer can be different for each customer, but the bottom line is usually one and only one: customers want to increase their profits.

Greater profits are the result of increased efficiency, more flexibility, better performance. These can be achieved by acting on many factors and in many ways. A dynamic approach which seeks out the next innovation or the next technology has to be aware of the customer’s real need and respond with a tailored mix of expert consultancy, latest-generation tools and digital solutions. All spheres come into play: digital, virtual and physical.



Because real customer needs are not confined to a new technology, an innovative function or to a software suite, Cefla Finishing is now turning its attention to providing a 360° package devoted to efficiency, reliability, competence, predictability etc. It is called UBIQUO, a tailored mix of expert consultancy, latest-generation tools and digital solutions – a carefully construed recipe to answer a real need with a concrete benefit, available at all times anywhere in the world. Quite simply a strategy whose main aim is to help improve a customer’s profits.


Industry 4.0

Our selection of Industry 4.0 solutions is part of UBIQUO, enabling a concept designed to support our customers by addressing key issues such as efficiency, reliability, competence, predictability etc.


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The Industry 4.0 project is structured along 3 main lines:

Design and simulation
Supervision and control
Efficientization and efficiency


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Each of the following solutions is more than a stand-alone software. Accompanied by our industry-specific expertise and worldwide experience, we target your real need and help you achieve your real goal. The benefits multiply.

cCloner: Imagine it. Do it.

This solution has a role in more than one scenario. Before completing the design of a production line, customers need to obtain a realistic overview of the production process. They need to check line logistics, assess loading and unloading stations, analyse the production flow and decide how to handle servicing operations.

cCloner is an advanced simulation tool, allowing you to configure each section and ensure the overall process complies with production requirements, avoiding inefficiencies along the line. Simulation enables you to adjust parameters and prevent potential bottlenecks. It can simulate a sequence of workdays and show how to manage product changeovers and process different batches. It allows you to resolve all potential inconveniences early on in the design phase, something which would be costly or impossible to do at a later stage.

Realistic simulation also means an ability to predict an estimated ROI. Before purchasing equipment, customers can evaluate lacquer, thermal and electrical energy consumption. They can assess processing times, calculate the overall coated surface area of a single line and invest with fewer risks than ever before.

Together with a VR visor, cCloner becomes a perfect training tool. Long before equipment is installed, machine operators can undergo preliminary training in Cefla, acquiring primary skills to operate confidently. A second step of training can be accomplished once the line is functioning, again using the opportunities provided by Virtual Reality. The benefit is that operators can train as required without interrupting production.

Furthermore, cCloner and a VR visor come into play when our specialist technicians can provide remote assistance, guiding an operator who will need to accomplish a sequence of operations in order to resolve a technical problem. This opportunity saves time and money and improves operator skills and efficiency.

cTracker: Look beyond the future.

Assessing the performance of your production line and acting on it in real time is what makes the difference in terms of efficiency. But to do so, you need to centralise your point of contact with the entire line. Intervening on each single machine wastes time, especially in a large operating environment. Being able to closely trace batches and activate colour changes or implement key adjustments to the production parameters “on the fly” is a smart way of avoiding downtime caused by emptying the machine before resetting it for a new lot. Monitoring alarms and operator events should also be possible from the same point. This also means understanding why the machine has stopped without necessarily being at the side of the machine.

cTracker not only monitors production, it allows production managers to intervene directly and change parameters, switch from one recipe to the next, without moving from machine to machine, and without time-consuming stop and start issues. The software links up through the entire production line and handles single machine set-up autonomously.

This multi-faceted solution also stores complete historical data in a centralised database. This enables a comprehensive analysis of overall equipment efficiency (OEE). But companies can also virtually track single pieces as they transit the production line, so that operators know exactly when to switch from one recipe to the next. More control over the production line also translates into a reduced need for staff watching over production without being productive.

cTracker also features a special software application enabling remote assistance on each machine.

cLink. Connect your data.

Just like a senior employee, who has worked for years on a production line, has gathered massive amounts of information and experience, a machine which has been running for years possesses megabytes of data which amount to a resource of objective experience. Being able to exploit those data and share them with the company’s management systems (ERP) enhances their value. Through collection, storage and analysis, data become a vital asset and their integration and sharing facilitate progressive efficiency improvement of all the connected systems - even on a large scale.

Customers do not just need to track, monitor, and simulate. They also need to integrate data and cLink meets this requirement, filling the gap between ERP and cTracker so that data retain their value over time to optimise future workflows.

cMaster. Monitoring made simple and accessible

Production managers want to know exactly what is happening all the way along their production lines in real time. They want to be able to assess the state of all machinery components to avoid breakdowns. They want to be sure nothing will obstruct them in achieving top-rate efficiency over time. The only way to make all this possible is a tool which is programmed to collect, process and analyse substantial amounts of data, translating them into easy-to-read information for staff with a smartphone and an internet connection.

We designed cMaster to do all this. We also designed it as a web-based tool with a user-friendly interface. No specific software or hardware, just the range of functions you need to stay in touch with production wherever you are. One or more plants, one or more production lines, via web.

cMaster provides real-time data regarding alarms, and how to solve them. It details maintenance schedules and warns you when intervention is overdue. It allows you to check consumption data real-time, meaning staff can intervene and immediately save money. Data accumulated over time will allow production managers to increase efficiency over time, plan maintenance according to the real state of their equipment, maximising investments and avoiding downtime. All data can be exported enabling production managers to track performance and assess trends over time.

Furthermore, production staff can contact our service department via a cMaster support page accessing useful documents or obtaining advice for specific topics.


We believe technological research and continuous innovation to be essential for the achievement of rewarding results. First and foremost, our goal is to be a consultant and partner.

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