Industrial Digital Printing: the embossing effect

Industrial digital printing is important in our lives because it plays a pivotal role in decorating the places where we live and work, from wooden floor surfaces, furniture, skirtings and glass to fibre cement, ceramic, plastics and packaging.

Our machines allow us to provide integrated digital printing solutions that cover a broad swath of sectors, such as wood, laminates, plastic surfaces, fibre cement, packaging, graphic communication, ceramic, fabric, wall linings and glass. Today, industrial, decorative and functional printing demand effective mass customisation, and in this regard digital printing offers outstanding advantages.

What these three segments have in common, in fact, is a growing need to respond to diversified, fast-changing demand. That's why we focus on innovative technologies that make manufacturing flexible, allowing manufacturers to carry out small production runs and adapt to customisation requirements.

Welcome to the other side of digital printing. Be amazed by the J-Print range with a special technology: the embossing effect invites your touch to explore the surface, reaching new horizons. J-Print is a revolutionary way to interpret digital printing: the creation of embossed details is the starting point for a world of innovative solutions.
Recently launched at LIGNA 2017, our latest single-pass inkjet printer, the J-PRINT TDperforms embossing in register (EIR) and is specially conceived to produce incredibly realistic haptic effects providing tactile feedback.

One of the most attractive features is the ability to perform embossing and with a resolution of 400 dpi and speeds reaching 50 m/min. the printer uses special inks, ensuring reliability and cost-effectiveness throughout the process and the same surface resistance as you would expect from any high-quality flooring.

A solution which combines huge potential for individualisation with high output rates, J-PRINT TD is one of a line of latest-generation inkjet printers providing countless answers to rapidly evolving market demands.

Discover the next dimension with the special technology for embossed surfaces.

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J-Print SP is an advanced series of single-pass modules. Equipped with industrial print heads that can deliver UVcurable inks, the SP series is designed for ...

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Woods, whether natural or engineered, can be given renewed impetus thanks to inkjet printing technology, which lets us decorate and customise both small lots and large-scale production runs, ensuring true mass customisation. From flooring to furnishing, from doors to kitchen cabinet panels, from profiles to skirtings and panel trims, practically every interior design or architectural component can be veneered and made more appealing by digitally printing both decoration and/or tactile effects.


Decorative glass has embellished public and private spaces for decades: windows used to reinforce brand identity, promote artistic expression, create signs or customise entire façades. Inkjet technology allows us to print decorations on glass for numerous sectors. This includes architectonic and industrial settings, all with a range of colours and effects that would, at present, be difficult to obtain with traditional technologies.


From industrial graphics to flexible packaging. Plastic, in all its various forms, remains one of the most widely used media in all printing applications. From acrylic sheets up to the thinnest flexible film, we can create every kind of high efficiency scanning and single-pass architecture.

Packaging & Converting

The rigid and flexible packaging market is growing at a dizzying pace: that's why we offer scanning and single-pass systems to set up cutting-edge, packaging-dedicated inkjet production lines. Smart packaging makes brands easier to sell. Joint development of special inks for a wide variety of products and “direct to shape” technology open the way for interesting, innovative applications.


The promotional goods sector is huge and dynamic, but one in which the application of inkjet technology is limited to small batches. Our goal is to transform the digital printing of promotional material into a genuine industrial segment through the customisation of medium to large volumes.


The ceramics industry is highly advanced in its adoption of inkjet technology, especially in large production runs using very high-performance single-pass platforms. We're able to support manufacturers and paint producers in setting up completely tailor-made testing, prototyping and production systems.


Direct on-metal printing has applications in a number of mainstream industries, such as metal packaging for beverages, food and chemicals, but also in architecture and automotive. We provide metal decoration assistance by supplying custom-made printing systems and close support to develop specific ink chemicals.

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