The world of wrapping

Düspohl presents its latest ROBOWRAP development at this year's LIGNA.
This profile wrapping machine, with its completely automatic set-up, already produced on customer order, represents Düspohl's new flagship. ROBOWRAP meets the producer requirements in terms of shorter set-up times with simultaneously smaller lot sizes and reduces these times to only two minutes by employing both modern and tested robot technology.

The necessary input is extremely simple, and is logged by the control software and implemented using an automated process. Three chain bins within robot gripping distance store up to several hundred pressure rollers of varying geometries.
A 2D laser scanner measures the individual rollers in a fraction of a second at each pass and stores data on the diameter, contour and position.
ROBOWRAP puts every other conventional solution in the shade, when the total of 19 six-axis robots independently access the optimum pressure rollers and position them on the profile with a repetition accuracy of only 0.03 mm.

This new machine concept comprises automatic positioning systems for all format-dependent machine assemblies, beginning with charging and carrying on to protective film application. Intelligent systems such as the FHS film heating system with contactless temperature monitoring, the film unwinder's diameter-dependent brake force control, the nozzle positioning system and, last but not least, the contactless PRIMESTAR primer application method with quick-change application heads, round off ROBOWRAP and make it the world's first profile wrapping machine with completely automatic set-up.

In addition, Düspohl also present:

The AUTOCUT film slitting machine - equipped with automatic slitter positioning, it slits a wide variety of papers and films and produces perfect, ultra-tight winding results.

The EASYWRAP wrapping machine - whether starting out or long-standing professional, the intelligent concept convinces thanks to its extremely good ratio of investment volume to functionality.