RoboWrap by Düspohl

RoboWrap completely satisfies production requirements for the reduction of operating times on small batches. Use of the robots reduces set-up times to approximately five minutes. The system is operated by the order data and master data of the processed moldings that are independently set. The six-axis robots pick up the product required for pressing from the tool-holder chain and place the pressing rollers as required.Pieces are laser-scanned in a few seconds to find the relevant shape and position after every processing. The robot arms then shift the rollers to the desired position, ready for production start.
According to Uwe Wagner, Düspohl managing director, "If you compare Robowrap set-up times to those of a ‘conventional system’ in a process with four molding changes, downtime is remarkably reduced." The first system was delivered to window manufacturer Siems last year.