For us at Cefla Finishing, Be Digital means that we are a Smart Factory.

Everything we believe and do today is achieved with the most effective tools thanks to the industry-specific skills of our personnel. We take care of our customers' businesses and support them in handling today's technological evolution.

Go Digital means they can make the most of the flexibility, efficiency, and productivity opportunities available for their business.



cCLONER allows 3D lines and machine processes to be configured, simulating production to ensure their compliance with production in realt time and prevent inefficiencies.

cTRACKER multiple settings, constant monitoring of the line, collection and analysis of data related to productivity. These are some of the issues addressed by cTracker, the software that evaluates the effectiveness of the line in real time, analyzing and communicating the necessary steps to increase its productivity.

cLINK. Customers do not only need to track, monitor, and simulate production. They also need to integrate data into their own management systems. cLink meets this requirement, filling the gap between ERP and cTracker so that data retain their value over time to optimise future workflows.

SMART CONTRACT is like an engine kept idling but able to immediately pick up speed in order to prevent a problem, provide a solution, or ensure improved performance.

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