Cefla North America exceeds AWFS goals and sales in 2015

Charlotte, N.C. (July 24, 2015) Cefla North America has reported greater-than-expected results at the recent AWFS Show in Las Vegas. “We were pleased to see an increase of visitors, great interest in our entry level and complex automated solutions, and renewed enthusiasm from customers who visited our booth” said general manager, Massimo Di Russo.

Success at the AWFS show is further evidence of an upward trend for the company – a trend also confirmed by the fact that Cefla North America has already exceeded its 2015 sales revenue goals. “Our dedication to increasing industry standards through superior engineered equipment and great performance value continues to invigorate our company,” said Di Russo. “We were intent on delivering some of our latest technologies at the AWFS Show to demonstrate our commitment to customers and distributors who need hands-on knowledge of innovative, cost-effective finishing solutions.”
Focused dedication to North American markets is also reflected in Cefla’s 25,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Charlotte, N.C. where the company builds DV Systems machinery, a Cefla Finishing brand. 

In addition to the success of its Finishing Group business unit in North America, Cefla Group’s overall 2014 consolidated financial statements showed the best revenues in the company's history, with more than €415 million consolidated group revenues and a net worth of over €214 million. Cefla is a multi-business, global corporation that, in addition to finishing, has business units devoted to medical solutions, plant and retail shop environments and renewable energy. Its record-setting financial results were an overwhelming vote of confidence for the corporation’s strategy of emphasizing positive growth and responding to economic crisis by developing new products, committing to new North American markets, rethinking ideas and innovating procedures. 

In 2014 Cefla completed a number of high-value projects that involved the entire company, such as the EXPO Milan 2015 project. The EXPO made great use of Cefla’s Plant Solutions and Shopfitting Solutions. Plant Solutions, for example, was called upon to design and implement the general systems within the Expo buildings: restaurants, bathrooms, trade areas, visitor services, participant services, warehouses and technical rooms.

A strategic element within the company’s plan for growth and renewal is the creation of Cefla International. This new business area is focused on developing Cefla solutions in markets in the U.S., China and Russia where the company has operated production sites for years.


For more information about Cefla North America, email to marketing@ceflaamerica.com