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Cefla Finishing - new website

Focusing on 3 key messages, Cefla Finishing launches its new website to attract a broader audience and provide a highly effective search function which helps customers and prospects find exactly what they are looking for, while navigating the website.

Cefla Finishing recently completed an overhaul of its website with an aim to attracting a wider range of potential customers and at the same time providing a wealth of information for prospects looking for guidance when choosing a solution adapted to their specific needs. Cefla Finishing already draws countless visitors searching for the latest finishing technologies. Because the company handles a huge variety of finishing techniques, going from spray coating, roller coating and wrapping to digital printing, the new search function has been created to help customers pinpoint their requirement in just 3 steps.

A simplified search function brings up tailored results

Visitors select the material involved, the market sector or even just the process. Whichever search criteria is used, a corresponding solution is obtained in no more than 3 simple steps, but the real gem is when you reach the results. Search results provide a vital indication to guide customers to the ideal solution corresponding to their situation, based on parameters establishing the level of flexibility required, the productivity range and the equipment’s overall footprint. Solutions are classified as small (S), medium (M) or large (L). Once the visitor reaches the Small, Medium or Large “answer” to their enquiry, the page not only includes a 3D layout representing the machinery, developed in-house using Cefla Finishing’s cCloner proprietary simulation software, but also a list of related equipment representing what may be required upstream or downstream in the process.

Finding the right solution has never been easier and, even more so, the solution is presented as an integral part of an entire production line, demonstrating Cefla Finishing’s knowledge of the complete process, a factor which helps customers optimise their relationship with Cefla and benefit extensively from a professional partnership.

Furthermore, Cefla Finishing can supply a tailored solution, bringing on board partners in many areas and incorporating the latest technologies in order to maximise the benefits for the customer. All customer types and sizes will find an answer from Cefla Finishing, from small to large-size outfits simply by pinpointing their real needs, which is exactly what the new website does.


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