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Cefla North America will be at IWF 2022 in Hall B, booth B6753! Discover our automated solutions that are perfect for shops of all sizes and production scales. Cefla offers affordable automated finishing solutions for companies seeking cost-effectiveness and productivity, such as our Spray + Drying work cell which will have live demonstrations throughout the show. Uncover innovations, solutions, and opportunities accessible to finishing professionals at any level.

Spray coating
options at every level

Our entry-level automation begins with our Prima single-arm reciprocating spray machine, and is ideal for companies seeking cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and productivity. Also, witness our advanced Easy spraying machine retrofitted with a revolutionary quick color-changing system. As one of your largest expenses, reducing consumption of coatings, solvents, and cleaning materials is essential. Cefla spray systems can help reduce these costs while still providing consistent, high-quality results. Cefla is here to support you and your growing business.


The UniDry-G is a compact drying solution powered by propane or natural gas and can dry parts 6-8x faster than traditional convection and IR drying systems. It can work as a stand-alone unit or in line with other automated coating technologies and is Made in the USA

Running low on space? Our customizable Batch Oven can be equipped with two chambers, where one section is for flash-off and the second is outfitted with IR catalytic plates suited for large batches. This solution is ideal for facilities with limited space and a large volume creating a small footprint with flash-off and curing in one place.

Ubiquo and
teleservice solutions

Industry 4.0 is within your grasp with Ubiquo service packages and software solutions. Experience expert technical support at a local level and remote servicing as Cefla's tech team problem solve from their command center. Learn more about how easy it is to enable these technologies in your factory.

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