Solutions for smaller batch sizes and increasing requirements

Smaller batch sizes, higher demand for individualisation and automatisation, cost intensive glue consumption, frequent downtime, extensive maintenance...
We know your daily challenges involved with profile wrapping - and we have developed the solutions which will solve them!

Our brand duespohl offers a large range of profile wrapping machines and their related components. Discover a large choice of individual and innovative solutions for the wrapping of wood, wood composite and plastic profiles. Find out how our wrapping machines will help you to make your production process more efficient and with a high quality output

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Smaller batch sizes? No problem thanks to minimised set-up times realised by duespohl-technology

Wrapping machines

Our classic wrapping machines are equipped with numerous components that reduce set-up times drastically. The patented click-fix-system for tool-free quick change of pressures rollers is part of the standard equipment. Transport wheels can be displaced quickly and tool-free thanks to a grid system. 


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Optimise glue consumption and improve the quality of the surface

Glue consumption means high current expenses and obviously you would like to lower them. The quality of the glue application is crucial for the quality of the final product. 
All components of our machines support you to fulfill these requirements. Our premelters have been designed to melt the glue completely, not leaving any residues. 
The foil heating system heats the decoration material constantly to its ideal temperature without overheating it. It adjusts automatically to varying production speeds. 
The warmed-up surface material requires a thinner glue layer and the application will be more homogenous
High performing IR heaters preheat the profiles to prepare them for the coating with the adhesive wetted surface material.

Downsize downtimes

Finally you've gotten to the point that all the settings are perfect, production starts to run smoothly... and suddenly the machine stands still because the reel of the decorative foil or paper has to be changed. The wrapping process stops, the whole starting phase has  to be repeated, more reject parts will be produced. 
The automatic reel changer or the double unwinding station with manual reel change help you to produce without interruptions
Our premelters have also been designed to be refilled without causing any interruption of production. Moreover, they make sure that 100% of the filled-in glue will be applied.  


Automatisation in all sections for efficient production and constant results

Our solutions for the automatisation of profile wrapping start at the automatic infeed system and end with a large range of synchronised separation and outfeed systems for all kinds of applications. In between there are many systems which allow you to increase the degree of automatisation in various elements of the machine. 

The scope of every component is to increase your productivity and reach the best results for your output. 

RoboWrap - the highlight of profile wrapping

RoboWrap is the world's first fully automatic profile wrapping machine. It reduces set-up times between two profiles two constant 5 minutes. You will be able to plan and calculate your production processes with reliable figures, no matter how differents one profile's shape is from the following one.

The high process safety and the resulting quality are the central objectives of every application and ensured by the intelligent software

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Our product range is divided into the models EasyWrap, MultiWrap, PowerWrap and RoboWrap.

The choice of the machine depends on the glue consumption, the required production capacity and the individual features.

Every machine is customized so that it fits exactly the customer's needs.

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Given the variety of features, the MultiWrap has become an allrounder in profile wrapping. The configuration always depends on the specific requirements of the project. Our machines' working widths go up to 1000 mm. 
Available as wood or window edition. 


Our EasyWrap convinces with its compact construction. Her outstanding feature is the SCS unit which consists of the intelligent premelter, the pump with constant rotation speed and the patented slot coater.
For wood, wood composite and pvc profiles.


RoboWrap is the highlight of profile wrapping. It wraps pvc and wood profiles with repeatible high quality results. Set-up time is a constant 5 minutes, no matter how similar the following profiles are. 


PowerWrap is the premium model for highest technical requirements and a highly industrialized production. In the field of traditional wrapping, it offers the highest level of variation and performance in the market. Reaching production speeds of up to 100 m/min. it is a unique machine in the international market. 


We believe technological research and continuous innovation to be essential for the achievement of rewarding results. First and foremost, our goal is to be a consultant and partner.

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