Vacuum coating

All-in-one solutions ensuring high precision and uniform application

Vacuum coating technology


Cefla Finishing brands Delle Vedove and American DV-Systems are known for their unrivalled expertise in the finishing of mouldings. With the range of vacuum coating solutions, customers are able to obtain excellent surface quality and achieve close to 100% transfer efficiency meaning zero coating waste.

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With a compact footprint, our all-in-one vacuum coating solutions for mouldings are a convenient alternative occupying less space in your production area. Both the CVS and CVR machines, designed, developed and built in the USA, incorporate sanding, coating and drying/curing facilities for smoother, efficient production.
As a closed-loop system, vacuum coating also eliminates VOC emissions into the environment, making the process safer and reducing the ecological impact. Customers can avoid requiring special permits and avoid heavy insurance bills. Vacuum finishing delivers consistent results and is a process which is easy to control, and our vacuum coating equipment makes it even easier thanks to simple operator interfaces and intuitive controls.

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Vacuum coating machine


The Talent unit operates at high speeds and enables superior quality finishing on wooden substrates as well as non-wood materials. Panels, mouldings, fiber cement tiles are some of the products that can be vacuum coated covering needs in many different sectors, especially in the construction industry. Single-pass six-sided coating is possible and customers can choose between water-based coatings, UV cure water-based products, UV-100% as well as different sealants.

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CVS Vacuum UV Finishing Line

CVS by DV-Systems performs sanding, coating and curing for UV finishes, the most attractive and cost-effective option for top quality wood finishing. The equipment enables cure temperature control so heat-sensitive substrates are not a problem. Built to handle small or medium-sized requirements, CVS is simple to install, use and maintain, and takes up less floorspace in your workshop thanks to its compact, three-in-one concept.

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CVR Vacuum Staining System

DV-System’s CVR staining equipment for mouldings integrates sanding, coating and drying in one single and easy to use unit. Using water-based stains, customers obtain consistent finishes and the wooden substrate benefits from enhanced grain definition avoiding the need for brush or hand wiping. Using multiple high-intensity IR emitters, curing is performed in a matter of seconds allowing subsequently for immediate stacking or further processing.

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RSP4 Distressing machine

RSP4 is a machine designed to distress planks of solid wood or two or three-ply board.
Thanks to the characteristics of the independent brushes, distressed effects of varying depth can be obtained, depending on the customer's requirements.

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Case Study

Look how our customers improved their productions and reached a top quality for their products, thanks to our DV-Systems branded solutions. Two great successful partnership stories: Sunview Patio Doors Ltd., leading manufacturer of non-wood patios and doors' fixtures, who chose a Cefla's CVS tailor-made line, and TLC Mouldings Inc., state of the art factory of MDF mouldings and profiles, who started it's partnership with Cefla almost almost 20 years ago, with a full Talent Omega vacuum coat prime and Cross Oven drying line.

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TLC Mouldings partnership
TLC Mouldings A long-standing partnership

TLC Moulding Ltd. is a state of the art, 200,000 square foot facility, leading manufacturer of MDF mouldings and profiles. TLC & Cefla started their long-standing partnership almost 20years ago, with the installation of a big vacuum coating line by Delle Vedove. One year ago, Cefla gave life to a new complete high speed vacuum coating line, for TLC's new outstanding factory in Willacoochee, GA. TLC approached Cefla with a big challenge: to reach a very high level of productivity in pre-finished mouldings.

Compact Vacuum System Machine CVS
Sunview Patio Doors chosen CVS Compact Vacuum System

Vic De Zen is one of Canada’s most prominent entrepreneurs, chairman of Sunview Patio Doors Ltd., part of the Vision Group. A multi-armed, vertically integrated group, Vision reaches deeply into PVC building products, manufacturing, industrial/commercial land development and construction, leasing and property management, transport and hospitality. “The customer is always number one” is Vic’s mantra. He is building Vision, based on old -fashioned values and customer service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which substrate materials are suitable for vacuum coating?

Vacuum coating is suitable for wood and its derivatives, metal, plasterboard, composite materials and PVC profiles.

This technology is perfect for the coating of…?

This technology is ideal when coating lineal profiles in high volumes, achieving high levels of production efficiency.

What are the advantages of vacuum coating?

This technology has many benefits. To start with, transfer efficiency reaches an astonishing 99%. Vacuum coaters have a limited footprint, so they occupy little factory space. Production efficiency is optimised because by using a vacuum coater, 360° sanding, coating and curing of a profile is dealt with in a single pass. Overspray is absent and the process is environmentally friendly. Coating thicknesses are high and, for example, can reach 700 µm on glass wool panels.

How can I measure coating quality?

This is an aspect that can primarily be evaluated subjectively. However, where rigidity is a required characteristic of the coated object, this technology enables high coating layer thicknesses (e.g. 700 g/m2 in the case of ceiling tiles) by using paints with 80% solids, leading to further benefits in terms of reduced drying costs. Constant coating thickness is also a key quality achieved with vacuum coating techniques, even in the case of complex profiles.

What are the consumption factors I need to take into account in a vacuum coating process?

The factors will depend on whether you are using UV-curable coating or water-based coating. UV Vacuum Coaters apply between 25 and 75 µm (1 to 3 mills) of coating per pass, whereas WB Vacuum Coaters apply between 25 and 150 µm (1 to 6 mills) of coating per pass. You will also need to consider electrical energy consumption and compressed air consumption.

What are the size limitations for pieces that will be vacuum coated?

The minimum length is 915 mm (36”) and the maximum width is 305 mm (12”). Any size between these two limits is possible.

How long does it take to clean a vacuum machine?

Cleaning times vary according to the size of the machine and the type of paint being used. Water-based paints require less time than viscous UV lacquers. On average, when changing profiles, it will take between 10 and 15 minutes. If you are also required to change colour, this will take up to 30 minutes.

Can coating consumption be controlled?

Yes. By adjusting the template opening, vacuum pressure and speed of the coating line, you can control the coating thickness, thereby affecting coating consumption. Paint viscosity is temperature-controlled in the case of UV lacquers and according to the formulation of water-based paints. This also affects overall consumption.

What do I need apart from the vacuum coating machine to complete the process?

To make the process smoother, you can add infeed and outfeed conveyors. In any case, our solution is a fully integrated one comprising material preparation, application and drying. Edge-coating units are often installed in existing double-end tenoners for more precise workpiece guidance and consequent absence of overspray.

How flexible is the machine?

As vacuum coating is suited for large volumes of the same or similar type of profile, flexibility is not a key feature of machine or process. When the profile changes, the user simply has to change the template or painting head.


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