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Excelsior Wood Products is a sustainable-minded supplier of milled woodwork and lumber products. Their 31,000 square foot facility is roughly an hour north of New York City, New York, USA, and specializes in flooring, decking, wall paneling, trim, countertops, barn doors and many more unique end-products using reclaimed wood and other wood materials. Prior to choosing a Cefla finishing solution, Excelsior was producing all products by hand. They were experiencing production inconsistencies, poor quality, and could not keep up with demand. His decision to move forward with the CFS Compact Flooring System has allowed them to expand their flooring and flat, linear product offering into a broad spectrum of finishes that could not be produced in the past.

CFS is a compact, all-in-one flooring system that incorporates sanding (up to four sides), coating, wiping and curing. Quickly expand from intermittent, hand-selected projects to a pipeline of customized jobs with a minimum need for space and minimal investment.

The CFS is customizable and easily retrofittable to grow with your business needs. With the capability to sand up to four sides of your profile, this roll-coating section offers great flexibility and control over coating thickness. The wiping unit brings out the best in your material and the adjustable UV lamps provide many curing options. This an all-in-one unit that performs a number of tasks:

  • Sanding: Individually positioned sanding wheels on all four sides for single-pass production.  
  • Roll Coating: Fully-featured roll coating system assures even coverage at any feed speed.  
  • Wiping: Assures even finish and luster.  
  • UV Curing: Fast and adjustable. Partial to full-cure depending on requirements. 

Additional Features 

  • No VOC emissions
  • No permits required
  • Reduced flammability
  • Consistent results
  • Low coatings costs
  • Small production footprint

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