Integrated finishing lines for durable consumer goods

Tecnologie per la finitura beni di consumo durevoli

General industry as well as small manufacturers of specific items regularly need a solution to enhance the surface finish of their products. Such a broad variety of substrate types, shapes, quantities and, above all, the nature of the surface finishing required needs to be catered for by a company whose extensive experience can pinpoint the best solutions without performing lengthy experiments on a trial-and-error basis. At Cefla Finishing, we can leverage the experience and expertise of our finishing specialists needed to define a solution quickly and effectively.

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Technologies or finished products?

If you are interested in discovering the numerous technologies we have mastered over the years, we have a section dedicated to spray coating, roller coating, curtain coating, drying, wrapping, handling and other techniques or processes.

On the other hand, you may want to examine our capabilities for finished products such as motorcycle helmets, sunglasses, musical instruments, domestic appliances, kitchen utensils, flower pots, etc.

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Motorcycle helmets

Certain shapes require special solutions. Spherical objects such as motorcycles helmets are an example of how we have been able to devise a finishing line which simplifies the process and represents a cost-effective answer ensuring both efficiency and excellent coating quality.

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Some products may pose a problem, but a simple solution which is easily tailored to a customer’s requirements and ensures maximum flexibility is the best way to approach a product such as glasses or sunglasses. We listened to what was expected and developed a solution including a specifically developed spray coating machine and oven.

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Musical instruments

A solution for the coating of musical instruments needs to carefully consider aspects which include shape and substrate, but also the priorities a customer has regarding lacquer, aspect quality, productivity and, above all, the acoustic quality once the manufacturing process is terminated. Our team has assessed all variables and we have custom-built finishing lines for harps, pianos and other instruments.

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Domestic appliances

Plastic components on different household appliances can be of any shape or size. We have developed solutions for the painting of several parts such as TV frames, freezer door handles and washing machine doors. There are several examples and each one will be dealt with after we examine the objectives a customer has. Our laboratory will act as the testing ground to the solution we provide.

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Kitchen utensils

Pots and pans among other requirements also need non-stick and scratch-resistant surface treatments. Our broad experience in coating all types of products and several different coating substances has led us to provide effective solutions for kitchen utensils, with efficient coating and drying equipment.

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Flower pots

Plastic flower pots need special lines to ensure cost-effective spray coating and drying. This is another example of an application where we have designed a tailored solution to ensure maximum quality to enhance the aesthetics of a commodity with excellent results.

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One major advantage we offer, besides our broad experience with such a wide variety of products, is the world’s largest finishing laboratory in Imola, as well as dedicated laboratories in China and the USA. Here is where we test and develop our surface finishing solutions and where you are welcome to fix an appointment to run real tests of your products and your coating materials.

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Die Suchfunktion kann ab jetzt für komplette Produktionsanlagen genutzt werden. Sie müssen nur das Material, den Marktsektor oder das Endprodukt auswählen. Für jede Kombination von Suchkriterien wird eine passende Lösung für ihre industrielle Digitaldruckanlage in nur drei Schritten gefunden. Die Suchergebnisse zeigen die am besten passende Lösung an, die den Anforderungen an Flexibilität, Produktionsbreite und Standfläche entspricht. Die Lösungen werden in die Größen small (S), medium (M) und large (L) unterteilt.

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