Industrial finishing solutions for all types of furniture

Tecnologie per la finitura dei mobili

One sector where trends and fashions keep manufacturers and finishing companies on their toes is the furniture industry. Despite huge volumes in the case of major players, this industry has to keep pace with fast-evolving demands from the consumer. They require the flexibility of a small outfit, which is not an easy task.

Our machines and technologies not only cover all finishing techniques, they also ensure the flexibility, efficiency and quality required in today’s marketplace.

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Technologies or finished products?

If you are interested in discovering the numerous technologies we have mastered over the years, we have a section dedicated to spray coating, roller coating, curtain coating, drying, wrapping, handling and other techniques or processes.

On the other hand, you may want to examine our capabilities for finished products such as cabinet doors, flat panels, drawers, chairs, etc.

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Coating solutions: cabinet doors, either raised or flat panels

There are many ways to coat a panel, from spray coating of raised panels to curtain coating and roller coating of flat panels. We also develop innovative solutions enabling you to use a roller coater on raised panels.

Bedroom furniture, also for kids, outdoor furniture and any other items mostly in wood or derivatives thereof are further examples of the furniture items you may be dealing with.

How to finish cabinet doors

Another opportunity comes from vacuum coating equipment, Smartcoater and Smartedge, where you use the same technology on both the panel surface and the edge, thereby obtaining an identical finish. This is also possible if you choose to use an industrial digital printer, also part of our broad product range.

Matching panel surface and edge

Ovens, especially those using UV lamps, but also excimer matting solutions which handle flat and raised panels thanks to patented innovations, using less nitrogen than standard solutions.

Some of the latest machines include our Cartesian spraying robot iBotic with TIMESKIP, a device allowing colour changeover operations with zero downtime. UV-I is the latest Inert Curing oven that significantly reduces the need to use lacquers loaded with expensive photoinitiators.


Finishing drawers? There are different ways to accomplish the process involving glue application, wrapping and trimming. You can use a spraying robot to apply the glue or a highly efficient wrapping system which accomplishes a fully integrated process.

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Chairs and stools

Overhead lines are another technology we have developed for products with complex three-dimensional shapes. Lifting systems, 3D reading barriers to establish optimum trajectories for our anthropomorphic spraying robot and drying tunnels.

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