Cefla Nord Amerika freut sich Steven McNeilly als neuen Sales Manager vorzustellen

Steven joined the Cefla Finishing North America team in January 2018 as Corporate Account Manager, building relationships and managing projects for our top clients. Prior to working at Cefla, Steven began his career in the woodworking industry in 2005 as a Service Engineer.

During his previous experience, he had the opportunity to interact with a variety of products and shops in the market developing the skills necessary to become a Product Manager in 2010, and a Key Account Manager in 2017.

During his previous employment, Steven collaborated with Cefla in a variety of projects which allowed him to learn about our company, our technologies and our reputation in the Finishing market.

We’re glad to have Steven on our Team as our new North America Sales Manager, and we look forward to his contributions in this challenging and exciting year.