Sustainable Coating Solutions for Digital Embossing by Teknos

Perfect lacquers for innovative 3D texture processes

Inkjet has reached outstanding printing quality and it is rapidly replacing traditional analog printing in many industries. Especially when reproducing natural material such as wood and stone, a good print is not enough as people need sensing and touching the material. Digitally produced 3D surfaces (Digital Embossing) allow to combine exceptional printing with deep 3D texturing, bringing material to life!

Digital Embossing is an innovative technology which is based on the interaction of 3D texture and top coat. Teknos has addressed the requirements of this technology as one of the first paint manufacturers and is able to offer mature solutions. As an innovative partner, Teknos has co-operated in the development of myTEXTURE, a solution of ZEETREE, which is perfect to digitally produce nature-like wood or stone surfaces with positive or negative textures. The close co-operation between Teknos and ZEETREE ensures best scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and adhesion when using this technique with the Teknos UV lacquers.

Whatever the requirements, our experienced technical support engineers will help to find the best solution for your production line.

Your Benefits with Teknos

  • Bringing material to life: synchronous structure to the printed image
  • Flexibility (individually from lot size 1 pcs)
  • Combination of matt and gloss effects
  • Soft touch finish
  • The UV coating properties remain unchanged in terms of:
    • Scratch resistance
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Adhesion

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