Solutions based on a patented brush technology

Flex Trim A/S develops, manufactures and sells sanding solutions based on a patented and international acknowledged brush technology.
The history behind Flex Trim takes its starting point in the wood- and furniture industry and a desire to make hand sanding dispensable.

Flex trim have now over 25 years of experience and the invention of the Flex Trim sanding system makes today the company to the market leader in sanding solutions.
The sanding system can be installed in almost any machine if the machine is equipped with a shaft and a frequency-controlled engine which is essential for achieving the correct speed.

This means that the customer normally can use existing machines thus avoiding investments in new machinery. Only by making the perfect even more perfect, the company can obtain its position as a market leader. Therefore, Flex Trim are constantly searching for new and better solutions. It is all about quality – not only on the surface.

Your benefits!

Our sanding heads can be delivered in exactly the diameter and length our customers need.

This makes our products very flexible and adaptable to any machine in the existing production facilities. Using an O-ring in the sanding heads makes it possible to replace sanding brushes without any dismantling of the sanding head and shaft. This means fast conversion of production and valuable production time is saved. Our sanding brushes are available in different brush heights and cut sizes, and we use a variety of different sanding media. All these options make it possible for us to find the best solution for your surface or profile. Flex Trim’s low speed sanding system gives a better sanding and the abrasive lasts longer.

For you Flex Trim means the following:

  • Improved and uniform surface quality – optimum sanding result
  • Optimized production and working environment
  • Longer lifetime of sanding materials
  • Reduced labor-costs
  • Individual solutions – counselling and services
  • Big savings on manual operations
  • Innovation

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