METIS Systems S.r.l. - High Quality surface scanner designer and manufacturer for industries and creatives.

At METIS we continue a family tradition of industrial engineering that started almost one century ago.

METIS is the leader in the Industrial décor market and in the last years, thanks to the great success of our patents and the extraordinary METIS Photometric Stereo 3D application in the surface scanning, became the undisputed point of reference for a sight into the future of digitization.

METIS scanners quickly provide all the real infinite combinations of light, 3D data, gloss, etc., in a completely automated way and without the need for an expert user. Moreover, Color and 3D information are available almost at the same time and match at pixel level.

All this, combined with the other METIS scanners unique features such as the Light Inspector software and the Superscan mode that allows changing the visual appearance after scanning (no need to scan again to meet the customer’s needs), make METIS scanners the most advanced choice for decor industries and creatives.

At Cefla Live 2019 you can see the SURF 3D® in action. SURF 3D® is the first compact high-speed surface scanner specially designed for décor Industry, designers and other creatives with the best color accuracy and 3D data calculation on the market. It integrates METIS cutting-edge technologies such as natural color capturing, 3D data calculation, glossiness and more.

SURF 3D® is capable of digitize materials with texture, glossy and embossing information such as small wood planks, leather, stones, textile, wallpapers, etc. providing a color image with a strong 3D visual appearance, 3D embossing data (e.g. for using in 3D printing or embossing applications, 3D rendering, etc.).

METIS Light Inspector software is also available as standalone version. This brings the creative part back to the creatives and can optimize your workflow.

We look forward to meeting you and presenting our scanners and technology!

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