Innovative UV LED curing technology

As the world leader in innovative UV LED curing technology for industrial applications, Phoseon provides the broadest portfolio of LED-based solutions for printing, coating, and adhesive applications.

UV LED curing technology is ideally suited for the wood coatings industry for applications such as edge coating, roller coating and digital printing.

UV LED lamps offer significant advantages over traditional UV lamps for wood finishing, including less space, maintenance and downtime which translates into higher productivity rates, less scrap and higher quality end products at lower costs. The use of traditional UV lamps to cure coatings on heat-sensitive substrates such as glued veneers and resinous woods (such as pine) causes damage to the substrate and increases scrap rates. UV LEDs produce significantly less heat, enabling coating of heat-sensitive wood substrates. Due to high operating efficiency and water-cooling a UV LED light source generates very little heat. The surface temperature of a UV LED light source is low, about 40–50°C, which results in very low product surface temperatures. Traditional UV units convert 65–70 % of their input power into heat.

With the ability to tailor solutions utilizing our patented TargetCure™ technology and WhisperCure™ technology, we deliver rugged, high-performance products for application specific solutions.
With over 300 patents and trademarks protecting more than 100,000 units shipped, Phoseon has earned a worldwide reputation for innovation, quality and reliability. The Company is focused 100% on UV LED technology and provides worldwide sales and support capabilities.

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