ICA Group - World leaders for innovation in wood and glass coatings

ICA Group means passion, research and technological innovation in the field of wood coatings and glass paints. Wood coatings with low environmental impact, aesthetic qualities and high performance have always been a cornerstone of its product range. Today ICA brand products are a point of reference among coatings for furniture, window & door frames, and wooden flooring and are a proof of the company’s great attention to color trends.

S-MATT superpower coatings

At next CeflaLive ICA Group will present S-MATT products. This innovative line of coatings for interior furnishings can be applied to any kind of surface. It is designed to create high performance ultra-matt surfaces in terms of their chemical-physical structure and with self-healing properties, while maintaining a lower VOC content compared to UV conventional coatings.

Features & benefits

  • Ultra-matt, 100% anti-glare surfaces. Very low opacity level (less than 5 gloss units).
  • Extremely soft to the touch.
  • It is possible to create unlimited colors, matter effects and regular, smooth and reproducible 3D effect surfaces.
  • Application through all existing coating techniques for both transparent and pigmented versions.
  • Easy to clean and anti-fingerprint surfaces.



  • Anti-scratch
  • Resistant to coffee stains
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Self-healing properties (resilient): in case of light scratches, heat doesn’t damage the coating but “cures” it.
  • Resistant to cold liquids (UNI EN 12720)
  • Scratch resistant (UNI EN 15186)
  • Requirements for worktops according to the standard on coated wood-based surfaces (UNI 11216)

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