Hesse Lignal – Oxy-Reactive-Oil

Hesse GmbH & Co. KG was founded by family Hesse in 1910 and is currently managed in the fourth generation by Hans-Jürgen and Jens Hesse. Today the company has over the world about 450 employs and produces approx. 100 tons of lacquers and stains per day from 1 litre-can to 1,000 litre-containers.

Our product range with over different 45,000 recipes contains different lacquers from solvent over hydro lacquers and stains to oils and UV-lacquers.

The market is constantly changing and the customer needs different products with variable aspects. For example the environment. In the past our oils were just for improving the surface. To get furniture that looked like oiled. The development of our Proterra Oils are required to be a product with renewable resources with very good resistance as good as possible. Customers use more and more drying machines like infrared, point jet or microwave dryers. So we developed for example our Speedcare and Invipro Oil for fast drying. All of our new products fulfil the DIN EN 71-3 (Toy Safety - Part 3: Migration of certain elements) and DIN 53160 Part 1 (Testing with saliva simulation) and Part 2 (Testing with sweat simulation).

For the industrial roller coating production with oil we have adjusted two different products and we would like to present our Oxy-Reactive-Oil today. This product is a combination of natural oils (Naturalness certification under ÖNORM C 2380) and UV hardening process. You can have a packable product in under 6 minutes! The time saving compared to our competitors is about 48 h. The product impresses with a highly resistance, antibacterial (ISO 22196) and scratch resistance. That good properties can be achieved with approx. 20-24 grams of oil in two layers. The second layer of top oil creates a very natural look. The RO 79810 achieves a gloss of 7 (+/- 5) for example.

Furthermore you are able to colour the base and top oil with our colour pastes ROZ or order them ready-mixed as ROP / ROB + colour tone to compensate different colour tones from the raw material or create a new glazed colour tone.

Are you more interested in our Oxy-Reactive-Oil? Please take a look into the brochure in our website: 

Furthermore you can order a meeting in our innovation centre with over 1,000 m². We are able to reconstruct applications with industrial machines like curtain coating, automatic spraying or UV roller coating. We also offer you personalized adjustments of oil samples that are applicable with your roller coating line.

  • We support you with the selection of new products!
  • We develop special products for your technical parameters!
  • We test new coating-processes extensively for you with the support of your sales representative and our technicians in the „Hesse Innovation Center“!

We support you energetically to replan your coating line!

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