Cefla Live 2019: Renner participates to the 11th edition

To create valuable paints, give value to those paints

Renner Italia coatings were born for those who create and regenerate wooden objects, they are made in Italy and boast the highest technology in the field of wood coatings.

Our mission is the chemistry. We want to preserve in the course of time the beauty that our wood coatings transmit to every wooden object.

Our vision is the work. We want it to be suitable to create solidarity, eco-sustainability and happiness systems.

Renner Italia wood coatings are aesthetically advanced solutions to protect the wood. They combine the best chemical and mechanical features with a huge range of trendy colours.

Renner Italia plays a leading role in the dare of sustainable development. Our researchers combine technological progress, design and preservation of the environment.

We work hard especially to reduce emissions, eliminate harmful substances, improve indoor air quality, create more liveable spaces and save materials and energy.

Our products are all formaldehyde and heavy metals free.

Our laboratories offer endless aesthetic solutions, excellent chemical features and versatility to every coating line, thanks to more than 6.000 formulas, studied for the industrial and handcraft use. Our chemists work hard to study and test innovative products. Our researchers make their know-how available and are always in close contact with the customers of the furniture and doors and windows industry.

That’s why choosing Renner Italia coatings means choosing the future.

Renner Italia is a partner of the next CeflaLive. Read more information and sign up here.