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The complete J-Print range of Cefla Finishing industrial digital printers integrate seamlessly into complete printing and texturing lines for flooring, performing the entire process, from raw material preparation to the finished product.
Expert process guidance together with the appropriate inks and correct techniques will respond to demands relating to durability, depth, naturalness and definition of the textured effect.
Reproducing wood grain designs with a tactile effect is also simple to achieve with the latest digital printing solutions. A high-resolution surface texturing technique provides a realistic 3D surface finish (digilogico technology by ZEETREE).

Foot traffic resistance is a critical factor due to surface deterioration, especially in areas with a constant flow of people. As far as durability is concerned, Cefla Finishing has accomplished the required tests reaching AC4 and AC5 standards for digitally printed laminates.
Ink type also determines surface resistance over time. Outdoor applications will need to resist UV weathering. We will recommend the best inorganic inks with metal oxide pigments, that are hardly affected by light for up to 15 years. In the case of decking, they also reduce the need for a special UV-filtering top-coat.

Cefla Finishing LAB is a concept we have converted into a strategy, a facility where we test entire processes and share our expertise with customers and leading industry players.
The LAB houses several machines available for our customers to run trials using their own lacquers, inks or products.
Each process is examined within the context of an integrated line, identifying ways to improve performance and achieve the best results. The LAB is where we stretch the limits of technology to bring the market new, unique opportunities.

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