Automated coating lines for
irregularly shaped products

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Over many years, we have witnessed several requirements to coat products that have a distinctly three-dimensional shape, a factor which frequently makes them hard to manage on overhead spray coating lines. Most times, the solution used by the customer remains manual coating with all the drawbacks involved.

Manual operations are heavily dependent on the skills of the person carrying out the task. There can be significant variations in the quality of the application and productivity will never be consistent either. Moving pieces around manually causes physical fatigue and can even pose major problems if the pieces are heavy or cumbersome.

Automation of the process (from handling to coating and drying) will greatly improve quality, production efficiency and working conditions for employees. However, if an overhead line is out of the question, the solution we have implemented year after year, product after product, has always revolutionised the process and the results.

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Coating process: easier with floor-mounted lines

Think of an operator moving around a product to coat it. The person collected it from somewhere, positioned it and then moved it on to the next stage in the process: drying.

Now think of a spraying robot coating a product as it moves and rotates slowly on an automatic, floor-mounted line, continuing to the next stage in the process: drying.

Which of these two solutions appeals most? Manual or automatic?

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The benefits of an automatic solution

An automatic line transforms many aspects of the company’s finishing process. These are a few of the most evident advantages:

  • improved coating consistency and finished product quality
  • improved production efficiency and shorter lead times
  • reduced lacquer consumption and related costs
  • high degree of coating flexibility 
  • minimal use of manual labour for coating and handling operations

In addition to these clear benefits, we are able to offer a series of exclusive features. Our floor-mounted lines are designed by our engineers and built at our facilities. This allows us the flexibility required to customise each solution to the specific product and develop an automated line exactly according to the goals of the customer. We implement the best spray coating technologies using our iGiotto robot or using reciprocating machines. A 3D scanning system is also an extra feature we can install to manage complex products where spraying trajectories can be set and reproduced throughout an entire production batch.

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Our floor-mounted coating solutions: noteworthy examples

As there are many cases where a customised line can be implemented successfully to minimise manual labour and improve quality, we have accomplished a number of lines which are described in greater detail on dedicated web pages. For example:

Use our expertise to solve your needs

Cefla Finishing has years of experience building automated, floor-mounted coating lines. Each product is different and each coating or drying requirement is specific to product and substrate. This is why standard solutions are not available, but with a track record of similar solutions, we will be able to design the best line in less time.

Contact us and our team will examine your requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials can I use overhead coating solutions on?

Practically any material can be coated.

What are the advantages of vertical door and window coating?

Given their considerable size, being able to hang doors and windows is essential. Moreover, overhead lines allow both sides to coated.

How can I measure workpiece coating quality?

While quality is entirely subjective, using an automatic system guarantees coating application consistency/precision on the produced lots.

How can I make my window coating process more efficient?

While an automatic coating system ensures steady product consumption and ensures application consistency throughout the day, a manual system may cause significant variations in terms of both productivity and quality. This variation is the main source of low coating process efficiency.
What's more, our software enhances efficiency, making the operator's work easier.

How easy is it to programme a coating robot?

It couldn't be simpler. Our 2D or 3D scanner captures images of the piece to be coated as it passes. The software then automatically generates the trajectories needed for optimal piece coating.

How long does it take to clean a machine?

That depends on the machine in use. As a rough guide, from 10 minutes for the simplest up to half an hour for the most complex. In the case of a window coating line, there will be several machines performing different applications.

Can coating consumption be controlled?

Yes, with the aid of additional systems.

Can workpiece dimensions be checked?

Yes, by using a specific 2D and 3D scanner.

Can I coat my windows assembled or disassembled?

Coating can be done either way without any shape or size restrictions. It's this aspect, in fact, that makes overhead lines so advantageous.

What do I need to know to start coating?

Little previous experience is needed to start coating. However, close consultation with specialists is essential to find the process that's right for you, based on, for example, productivity goals and the material to be coated. What's more, our solutions require little worker supervision.

How long will a coating system last?

We have plants that have been in regular operation for over 25 years.

Can I limit colour changeover downtimes?

Yes. Colour changes are done almost exclusively while the machine is running.

Can I manage programming of my workpieces easily?

Trajectories are programmed automatically by our machine control software. The only information that needs to be added concerns the speed/distance/angle of the spray guns.

Can I coat disassembled musical instruments?

Depending on the type of instrument, they can be coated either assembled or disassembled.

What do I need apart from the coating machine?

Both the coating and the spraying equipment are usually supplied. A sanding solution will also be needed to complete the process.

How can I boost productivity?

Automatic spraying solutions (e.g. iGiotto or reciprocators) are ideal for this. Manually coating pieces that can be as large as 5000 x H3000 mm is problematic and results in low productivity. Manual coating also means poor application consistency and excessive or uncontrollable product consumption. This affects the final quality of the coating and the piece.

How flexible is the line?

A line must be flexible. It must be designed according to customers' needs and their available space.
When it comes to shape, size and thickness, overhead coating poses no particular limits. In fact, the same station can even be used to coat 2 pieces in different ways.

How many people are needed to run the line?

From a minimum of 2 people for a simple line, up to a maximum of 4 for more complex ones.

Products and Solutions

The search function is now available for complete production lines. All you need to do is select the material involved, the market sector or the finished product. Whichever search criteria is used, a corresponding solution for your spray coating line is obtained in just 3 steps. Search results will indicate the most suitable solution, based on the level of flexibility required, the productivity range and the overall footprint. Solutions are classified as small (S), medium (M) or large (L).

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