Cefla Live X Edition

Thank you for experiencing Cefla Live X with us and being part of this influential event!

In 2018 we celebrated an extremely special tenth edition.

The focus was on industry trends and the cutting-edge technological developments our experts implement on our machines and plants.

Cefla Live provided visitors with a close look at the opportunities offered by technological innovation and digitalization and allowed them to engage with key industry figures in our reserved LAB area.

Spotlight on the 10th edition of Cefla Live


Efficiency enhancement, performance, flexibility: these are just three aspects of the technological and process innovations we presented during the 10th edition of Cefla Live at the Finishing LAB in Imola.

Almost 3,000 m2 simultaneously showcasing the industry's multiple professional viewpoints. This is Cefla Live: welcoming key players in the Finishing industry, providing live demonstrations of the latest technology and firing up the engine of innovation.

More specifically:

Energy Saving: the Powerback!

The energy saving aspect of our machines is a crucial one. That's why we've come up with a monitoring system capable of retrieving energy and re-using it. How does it work? Visitors to Cefla Live saw the Powerback system in action on the iBotic, our interpolated-axis spraying robot with one or two arms. The Powerback system lets users recover energy from the arms during deceleration so it can be re-used by the outlet fan. This means less mains power consumption.

3D Piece coating: The cVision!

A key aspect of the 3D piece coating process is the manual robot programming that generates the complex trajectories for these objects and ensures attainment of the required quality. At Cefla Live you saw the cVision 3D scanner in action on iGiotto: more specifically, you saw how, from the image grab of the pieces to be coated, spray trajectories are generated automatically. The first benefits provided by cVision? The considerable time savings and application consistency that stem from the progressively acquired precision in defining the coating trajectories.

Super matt effect

One of the fastest-growing finishing trends is the super matt effect. Super matt is an optical effect that even has an appreciable tactile 'feel'. It is also highly scratch and weather resistant.

Edge coating and sanding

At Cefla Live you saw the most comprehensive straight and shaped panel coating and sanding technology in action. In addition to advantages in terms of economy and quality of application (thanks to lines with Smartedge) comes the flexibility guaranteed by the Edge&Go fast changeover head. Whatever the edge type that needs coating, the speed of the size changeover and the guaranteed coating precision make Edge&Go a real revolution.

Ready to print!

Scan the surfaces that interest you and get printing! The key advantage of 3D digital printing is that it can be used in Scan to Print digital printing processes to replace damaged products. The 3D scanner considers depth and gloss. This allows you to reproduce the primary image exactly. Today, the aim is to streamline image processing, reduce the time between its acquisition and its as-faithful-as-possible reproduction and allow repetition of the process as necessary.
More specifically, the digital printing efficiency come to the fore where natural patterns (mainly woods, but also stone and marble) need reproducing. And you were able to see this for yourselves at Cefla Live on the finishing line that includes J-PRINT digital printers.

Line and machine monitoring and control

When it comes to monitoring and controlling modern production lines, it's vital to be able to display machine status info and line production info outside the production plant, immediately, simply and directly on a smartphone or tablet. To respond to that need, we've developed cMaster software. This monitors not just the line but the individual machines, allowing for real-time intervention, preventing malfunctions and avoiding machine downtimes. At Cefla Live the cMaster solution was in operation, connected to an Easy unit specially equipped with a sensor array. The cMaster interface provides both production data and detailed operating data, which you can then analyse with the support of our personnel.

Simulation and training

Virtual and Augmented Reality. Thanks to our innovative Industry 4.0 software - cCloner (our simulator) and Smart Contract (a preventive predictive Service and Maintenance package) - it is easy to put on a VR visor and enter your own digitally recreated production line and interact with the machines while learning how to perform a specific task. Analogously, thanks to Hololens and the augmented reality it lets you see, technicians can act on a machine where a potential defect has been detected to prevent and avoid it.




Wir sind der Überzeugung, dass technologische Forschung und kontinuierliche Innovation zum Erreichen zufriedenstellender Ergebnisse unerlässlich sind. 

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