From simulation to solution for top-class kitchen furniture



Manufacturer of top-class kitchen furniture




When a manufacturer of top-class kitchen furniture decided to bring the finishing process into their factory, the solution needed to address several demands.

Manufacturing kitchen furniture in MDF covered with melamine paper, the company had so far outsourced the finishing process, letting third party suppliers handle the variety of small batches and colour combinations.
Bringing the process in house led to a need to evaluate key issues such as flexibility, but was also a move to enable greater control over quality and costs. Past experience with external suppliers had proved difficult and wasteful due to many non-conformities.

Our solution, conceived using our simulator, came in the form of an Easy spray coater with a drying tunnel for UV curing.
ROI estimates showed how fast the line would pay off by reducing non-conformities.
Furthermore, the superior flexibility of our proposal enabled simple changeover procedures for frequent batches and colour changes. It also proved in line with their desire to achieve classic glossy finishes with UV curing.

As for deep matt finishes, we are now envisaging a line with Exydry-Z, our excimer oven using the latest sustainable technologies.

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