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Established in Basilicata, Italy, in the early 1960s, today Di Canosa is a dynamic company with a 14,000 m2 production facility manufacturing window frames made of wood and wood-aluminium combined. With excellent quality raw materials and the meticulous work of its expert staff, besides two generations of the Di Canosa family, the company ranks high in both the Italian and international market.

Di Canosa combines artisanal know-how and cutting edge production technologies to ensure highly functional solutions in terms of energy saving, safety, well-being and aesthetic features.  The company’s pride is the integration of artisanal labour and technological progress, which underpins a deep understanding between Cefla Finishing and Di Canosa.

Cefla specialises in the coating phase

Coating, a crucial phase in the production process of fixtures, is performed by Cefla Finishing, which has thus contributed towards the achievement of Di Canosa’s corporate goals. The anthropomorphic robot iGiotto produces fixtures without limitations of either size or shape. Processing of parts in tracking mode on a moving conveyor belt ensures high precision and consistent quality standards. The final outcome is that every fixture has a constant coat of paint on every side, thus ensuring amazing protection against atmospheric agents. We find a summary of this concept in the pleased words of Luigi Di Canosa, Plant Manager: “We have a robotised and technologically advanced coating system that coats our fixtures with the ideal amount of water-based paint in a perfectly homogeneous manner; we can, therefore, spend more time doing what is most important, which is listening to our clients and producing their perfect door and window frames.” Therefore, it’s clear that, with an anthropomorphic robot that perfectly coats every fixture, there are “more advantages for the client because it increases the resistance of fixtures against atmospheric agents, while preserving excellent elasticity and aesthetics in the course of time.”

Cefla Finishing has exploited all its experience to define every detail of this solution. It can count on its experts in every sector, from design to simulation software and practical know-how acquired also at the LAB in Imola. Only after ensuring that the client can independently use the painting system, Cefla considers the installation process complete. As always, they remain at the client’s disposal, monitoring market developments in order to define new solutions and better performance at all times.

Concluding, Giuseppe Di Canosa, General Manager of the company, said: “Today, besides having an excellent product and being competitive, a company must be capable of assisting its customers. Cefla Finishing has always provided the ideal assistance whenever we needed it. We are happy to say that we made the right choice in purchasing Cefla’s painting system.”  

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