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Since 1973, based in Brittany, Janneau Menuiseries has been delivering windows throughout most areas of France. To address an increasing market demand, Janneau decided it was time to seek a solution which would ultimately boost productivity, improve coating quality and reduce operator presence around the machines and any manual tasks on the line.

With a consolidated reputation as a supplier of made-to-measure windows and the touch of a craftsman, Janneau, whose products can be in exotic woods, conifer woods or hardwoods, was intransigent, wanting to be sure of the consistent quality an automatic line would achieve while delivering increased production efficiency. Cefla Finishing assessed the layout and configuration carefully before convincing the customer to opt for an overhead line consisting of an iGiotto vertical spray coater as well as flow coating, sanding and drying equipment, all of which to be closely managed by cTracker, our IoT tool providing real-time production status monitoring, instant data tracking and preventive maintenance forecasting capabilities.

Built in loops to enable continuous production, the line is kept under control by cTracker from the first flow coating operation through the drying oven, on through iGiotto and ultimately to the unloading station. As the windows enter iGiotto, a reading barrier identifies the pieces and implements the pre-set coating trajectories to optimise quality and lacquer consumption, enabling maximum production efficiency. Colour changeovers are handled automatically increasing processing speed and minimising downtime.

All of this takes place under the eyes of cTracker. The tool recognises the different steps of the process, the different wood types and generates valuable data for Janneau to keep track of production, intervene only when necessary and optimise the aspects he was most keen to maintain: premium quality and maximum efficiency.

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