Acerplastica and the potential of industrial digital printing technologies








A family business based in Acerra (NA) since the 1960s, Acerplastica srl, founded by the Marchese brothers and run by offspring Amedeo and Gabriele Marchese, manufactures extruded plastic products and profiles for different market sectors. These include wall and ceiling panels, folding doors, roller shutters, cable trunking and industrial profiles.

Over the years, the company had grown into an established source of high-quality products through wise investments in extrusion technologies and finishing lines. Faced with the frenetic pace of today’s market, Acerplastica was looking to increase production flexibility and enhance the value of their products, in particular with regard to decorated folding doors and wall & ceiling covering panels. With 1200 square metres (out of 15,000) of floorspace available, there was room to innovate and it just needed to be sparked off by the professional advice given by Cefla.

Once Gabriele Marchese realised the potential of industrial digital printing technologies to decorate the folding doors and covering panels, he was so impressed he said it was like when you give a child chocolate for the first time. The equipment was carefully adapted to the substrate in PVC with a thickness of just 1 mm. The patterns achieved with digital printing, not to mention the replica wood effect, were astounding. 

Amedeo Marchese, Plant Manager, underlines how close collaboration with Cefla’s engineers has helped to develop and improve the line, leading to an excellent product: Would I recommend Cefla as a supplier? Yes, they’ve got an outstanding product and provide close support at all times. If there’s a problem, they’re always ready to help and we cooperate constantly to keep on improving the product.

Gabriele Marchese, General Manager, reflects on the value of this partnership: Thanks to our own development and the partnership with Cefla, I’m convinced we’re ready to face the challenges of the future!

Partnering small to medium-sized companies gives us the greatest satisfaction too when we can confidently say they have achieved unexpected results thanks to our technologies and the people in the field.

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